Squalane: What is it and What are the Benefits?

Go ahead and feel your skin. Has the changing weather taken a toll on it? If yes, what comes to your mind when you read ‘moisturization’? Most would think of coveted skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic acid or Shea Butter. What if we tell you there’s an ingredient hiding in your cabinet? We are talking about Squalane, which comes from Squalene. 

Confused much between ‘a’ and ‘e’? Well, the letter makes all the difference! Here’s how. 

Squalene is naturally produced by your body’s oil glands. As much as we hate oil, we cannot understate its importance in maintaining the skin’s barrier and keeping it moisturized. 

Another question pops up, “Why do we need Squalane when we have Squalene?” The answer is simple – ageing. The natural production of Squalene starts to decline around 30 years of age. And that’s why you need Squalane, with an ‘a,’  in your skincare routine. 

What Is Squalane?

Squalane is a lightweight, odorless oil derived from Squalene. And Squalene is naturally found in shark liver — yes, the top predators of the ocean. 

Squalane from sugarcane

Originally, Squalane was derived from Squalene found in shark liver (yikes!). Thankfully, not anymore. The beauty industry has undergone a transformative shift towards plant-derived Squalane. Consequently, Squalane in skincare now comes from plants like olives, rice bran, amaranth seed, wheat germ, or even sugar cane. 

The best part? This under-hyped ingredient works really well with other star ingredients such as:

How Is It Different From Squalene?

We don’t want you to stay confused with the a’s and the e’s. So here’s a quick summary of what sets the two apart. 

Squalane vs Squalene

The History Behind Squalane

Squalane was found in shark liver oil by a Japanese Mitsumaru Tsujimoto back in 1906. Now, Japan is a fishing country. Plus, the benefits of Squalane were perfect for Japanese cosmetic creams. As a result, Japan emerged as the primary consumer of Squalane in the 2000s, capturing a whopping 40% share of the global market. 

Natural Squalane vs Synthetic Squalane

When it comes to Squalane, there's a choice between natural and synthetic sources. Here’s the showdown: 

Natural vs Synthetic Squalane

Although sugar cane is often the raw material used for synthetic Squalane, it does not naturally have Squalene. As a result, natural Squalane is often preferred in skincare due to its molecular similarity to our skin's natural oils, making it more easily absorbed and compatible. 

Skincare Benefits of Squalane 

Hydration and Moisturization

Squalane is an excellent emollient for skin and hair. By that we mean that it is super effective at filling in the gaps of your skin cells, creating a soft and smooth surface. Besides, it is great for hydration and moisturization. Let's see why. 

Our skin feels dry and dehydrated for varied reasons. For instance, too much exposure to sun or pollutants. Or loss of water from the surface of the skin. Even the lack of adequate sebum production, your skin's natural oil, can make your skin feel dry and flaky. 

Squalane not only fills the gaps, but also locks moisture in your skin by creating a protective barrier. This makes it a star ingredient for dry or irritated skin. Plus, its ability to soften your skin leaves it feeling velvety soft.

Anti-Aging Properties

One of the reasons why Squalane can be used by all skin types is its lightweight texture. This also gives it an added advantage. It makes it easier for the ingredient to penetrate deep into the skin, where it works its magic by plumping up the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You may wonder how? 

Though the skin's aging process circles back to collagen production, one cannot overlook hydration. Hydrated skin reflects healthy aging. Well-hydrated skin also looks plump and younger. So, by hydrating the skin from within and promoting collagen production, Squalane helps to restore a youthful, smooth complexion. 

Suitability for All Skin Types

An ingredient can be really good at what it does. Yet if it clogs your pores, it's only going leave you with a high chance of breakout. Fortunately, Squalane is non-comedogenic; that is, it does not clog your pores. 

This feature makes it suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. As if all this was not enough, Squalane has also been shown to help calm redness and irritation. 

Incorporating Squalane in Your Skincare Routine

The Japanese love Squalane and how! No wonder you are likely to find it in your moisturizer, body lotion, or eye creams. Don't believe us yet? Here are some Squalane-infused skincare products for you! 

Purifying Cleanser

Let's start with cleansing, your first step in any skincare routine. The Purifying cleanser has the perfect creamy lather that gently washes away all the dirt and dust clogging your skin. It's purifying yet soothing, thanks to the infusion of plant-based Squalane with other ingredients.

Purifying Cleanser

The clay-like texture glides effortlessly across your skin, minimizing any chances of irritation due to friction. Result? Clear, refreshed skin that feels baby-soft. 

Nourishing Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is extra delicate. It's super thin. Thus, they are more prone to sun damage and dryness. In fact, eyes are the first ones to show any signs of aging. 

Under Eye Cream

The infusion of Squalane in nourishing eye creams with Hyaluronic acid and Swiss Apple Stem Cells multiplies the amount of hydration your skin receives. Not only that, but these ingredients also help plumpen your skin by boosting collagen production. As a result, the cream leaves you with well-rested, lively eyes.

Relaxing Body Lotion

And if you want to spread the love to the rest of your body as well, the Relaxing Body Lotion looks like the perfect choice. The gentle, lightweight texture spreads easily and seeps deep into your skin for a radiant appearance.

Body Lotion

It works on a deeper level to repair your cells and rejuvenate them so that your skin on the outside appears well taken care of! 

Face & Body Scrub

Do you know what happens if you keep on lathering and layering your skin care products without exfoliating? All your products, money, and time go to waste. 

Exfoliating Scrub

But hey! Exfoliation does not have to be harsh on your skin. It can be cleansing yet gentle and softening with our Squalane-infused face and body scrub. The natural Konjac scrub beads remove the unwanted, dead skin cells, revealing the smooth, refreshed skin below, purifying your skin quite literally! 

Squalane: Moisturize Your Skin The Right Way

Squalane is a hydrator and an antioxidant age-defying ingredient all at once. Its suitability for all skin types and ability to work well with other must-have ingredients in a skincare routine gives it a special edge. 

It works almost like a chain reaction. First, it helps to maintain and protect your skin barrier. This, in turn, helps with hydration which helps your skin fight off early signs of aging. So what are you waiting for? Grab Squalane and give your skin all the benefits this under-hyped star ingredient has to offer! 

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