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Navratri 2023: Get That Sakura Glow with J Beauty This Festive Season

Imagine this: 9 days of makeup and extreme sweat as you ‘garba’ your way into Navratri. And as the festivities wind down, your skin issues flare up because you didn’t invest time in your skincare routine.

Navratri is that time of the year when the drums don’t stop beating, and the feet don’t stop thumping! 9 days of non-stop enthusiasm, rituals, garba, and bright, colorful clothes to celebrate the 9 forms of Goddess Durga.

Dedicated to the divine feminine energy, these 9 days mark a momentous occasion in the cultural calendar of India. But amidst the joyous dance, elaborate attires, and heartfelt prayers, don’t forget to take care of your skin!

Just think about what your skin goes through in those 9 days. The thought’s scary. For this reason alone, we bring you the secret to achieving Sakura Glow this festive season - J beauty! Trust us; once you learn how it can transform your skin, there’s no going back!

So, let’s dive straight into it.

The J-Beauty Philosophy

J-beauty philosophy is associated with minimalist, gentle, and holistic care. It is grounded in naturalness in two ways:

  • It focuses on the use of natural botanical ingredients for achieving mochi skin.
  • It aims to enhance the natural beauty. The emphasis is on long-term skin health and the natural, innate beauty of the skin.

J-beauty talks of a skincare routine as a foundation for makeup and makeup as a way to enhance beauty, not mask your imperfections. Additionally, the philosophy focuses on deep repair and rejuvenation via hydration rather than short-term, quick fixes.

Simply put, the journey to the Japanese skincare routine goal of mochi skin that boosts natural radiance and blush is one of consistency and patience. But above all, it’s a journey that allows your skin to breathe, heal, and shine naturally.

Understanding the Sakura Glow

What comes to your mind when you read the word “Sakura”?

Do you think of pink cherry blossoms in full bloom? That’s exactly what Sakura Glow is all about!

The idea of Sakura glow is inherent in J-beauty philosophy. It refers to a subtle yet impactful radiant complexion that signifies healthy, youthful skin. It is timeless, defying age.

So, without further ado, let’s move and see how you can prepare your skin for Sakura Glow this Navratri!

Preparing Your Skin for Navratri

Sakura Glow does not happen overnight. It needs time and patience. Thus, you must prepare your skin well before the festival. And what helps with that? A good skincare routine that gets better as soon as you align it with J-beauty! Here’s how


The first step is to cleanse your skin well to get rid of everything that could harm it—makeup, dirt, grime, and oil. The goal is to have bare skin and unclogged pores gently. The Japanese follow different cleansing routines for the morning and evening skincare routines.

Gentle Cleanser

In the morning, it is preferable to splash some cold water to wake your skin and remove any dirt that may have settled overnight. And if you still want to use a cleanser, go ahead with a gentle hydrating cleanser like ILEM JAPAN’s Gentle Cleanser. It is infused with Japanese Yuzu Extract and Grape Leaf Extract to wash away impurities and leave you with baby-soft skin.

In contrast, their nighttime skincare routine focuses on deep cleansing with the help of the double cleansing method. Here, you use two different cleansers - oil-based and water-based to effectively remove:

  • Makeup and excess oil in the first wash
  • Any leftover residue in the second wash

This ensures that your skin is bare and its pores are unclogged for better absorption of the remaining products.


The one thing that sets J-beauty apart from its Western counterparts is the focus on hydration and moisturization. Japanese skincare philosophy revolves around hydration as a means to:

  • Nourish your skin
  • Prevent early signs of aging like fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Maintain a naturally radiant complexion

The key to deep hydration and moisturization is to layer it. And leave it to the Japanese to layer multiple products without making your skin feel heavy or greasy! They have truly mastered the art.

For moisturizing and hydrating, J-beauty suggests the following steps:

  • Applying a gentle, hydrating, and pH-balancing toner post-cleansing, like a Balancing Toner. This helps to quickly pamper your skin with much-needed hydration and tighten your pores.
  • The next step is to use a serum that helps you target specific skin issues like extreme dryness, hyperpigmentation, and textured or uneven skin.
  • Lock all the goodness with a moisturizer.

When it comes to a skincare routine for Navratri, you must consider the weather. Typically, the weather fluctuates between hot and cold, with rains making an appearance here and there. As such, choosing products that balance it out is important.

Light Moisturizer

For instance, opt for a lightweight moisturizer like our Light Moisturizer. It will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated without making it feel too greasy. Plus, its anti-aging ingredients, like Sea Holly Plant Stem Cells and Niacinamide, help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Deep Moisturizer

Similarly, on nights when it gets cold due to rain and you need some deep restoration, opt for a Deep Moisturizer. It is specially formulated with Shea Butter to moisturize, repair, and restore your natural glow on cold nights.

Makeup Tips for Navratri

J-beauty is all about a natural radiance. As a result, Sakura-inspired makeup focuses on a natural look that enhances and complements your features. Think of well-hydration, plumpy skin that’s matte. In short, shine-free luminosity.

Here’s a step-by-step process for achieving a Sakura-inspired makeup look.

Base Makeup

Base makeup is all about foundation and concealer. And when it comes to J-beauty, less is more. Thus, start by applying a foundation that gives you enough coverage but does not look cakey or too thick. It should give you a natural finish and feel light on the skin. More importantly, make sure you choose a shade that’s closest to your skin tone. Remember, J-beauty is about naturalness.

You can then apply a concealer to conceal acne scars and dark circles. You may also use it to give your face a lifted effect.

Eye Makeup

The Japanese tradition of eye makeup centers around doll-like eyes—huge, wide eyes with short and sparse lashes. It requires a special focus on creating a ‘hump’ over the eyelid to make it look like you have bigger eyes. Next, curl your lashes and apply mascara to finish the look! You can use under-eye cream to take care of your eyes after the removal of makeup.

Face Makeup

When it comes to face makeup, it’s important to keep a special check on blush to give your face a sculpted, lifted, and plump look. Since J-beauty likes to keep it natural, you can apply a pink blush or a cheek tint.

Finally, let’s do something for the lips. Complement your eyes and overall look with soft pink or red lips. You can also choose coral, orange-red, and other nude shades. And if you don’t want to go in with lipstick, a lip gloss will do just fine.

Incorporating Sakura-Inspired Elements

It’s Navratri, and without a doubt, you are going to be dancing, grooving, and turning to the beats of the dhol. This means you will be sweating, and chances are your makeup may melt. Result?

  • Streaking
  • Smudging
  • Cakey face
  • Clogged pores

In short, your makeup will not enhance your skin. But rather harm it. Sakura-inspired elements are the best way to ensure your makeup looks and feels natural. It allows your skin’s natural texture and radiance to shine while accentuating your eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

Maintaining the Glow Post-Navratri

Post-Navratri skincare routine is crucial to retaining the Sakura Glow. You need to pamper your skin to ensure it is well-rejuvenated and replenished after 9 days of makeup, sweat, and oiliness.

For this, you need to go beyond and add something more. Think of exfoliation, essence, and sheet masks. Each of them will serve a special purpose and help you maintain that Sakura Glow. Here’s how:


Exfoliation is your knight in shining armor for radiant skin. It unveils the underlying luminous complexion by removing the layer of dead skin cells that accumulate over time mixed with oils and dirt particles. Additionally, it unclogs your pores and removes excess oil. Thus making it easier for your skin to absorb products.

Face and Body Scrub

But the key here is to use a gentle exfoliator like ILEM JAPAN’s Face & Body Scrub that does not work up your skin too much. The hero ingredient, Japanese Konjac beads, ensures that this scrub does not cause irritation or rashes on your skin, unlike some harsh exfoliants. Plus, Japanese Uji Tea Extract’s soothing effect and collagen production boosting Goji Berry Stem Cells further revitalize your skin.


Essence is like an intense shot of hydration that refreshes your skin like no other. Simply put, it is an extra layer of hydration between a toner and a serum. The good part? Like a serum, it is packed with active ingredients that improve its effectiveness. But the better part? It may also help you target some specific skin issues.

Sheet Masks

Here’s everyone’s favorite—Sheet masks. It has quickly made its place in almost everyone’s routine, thanks to its use of ease and special formulations. Think of sheet masks as a full-fledged hydration facial treatment but in a sachet. All you need to do is tear the pack, unfold the mask, and place it on your face. The mask will take care of the rest!

Sheet Mask

Thanks to today’s technology, sheet masks are going beyond their active ingredients. For instance, sheet masks that are made out of biocellulose materials like Coconut. You not only have the benefit of the active ingredients in such masks but also the additional benefit of the mask’s material. In this case, it’s the instant cooling effect.

Beyond Skincare

To fully relax and rejuvenate, you also need to focus on your body. This may include:

  • Taking a day off to let your soar muscles heal
  • Treating yourself with a body massage
  • Catching up on your sleep
  • Or simply doing nothing but just being in the moment and relaxing
  • Applying Rejuvenating Night Gel to nourish the skin overnight


Navratri is all about prayers, culture, and garba. As the beats of the drums resonate, let your skin shine with Sakura Glow. Pamper it with a rejuvenating skincare routine and enhance it with J-beauty Sakura Glow-inspired makeup looks to complement all your beautiful outfits.

Remember to keep it natural, minimalist, and radiant to avoid a makeup meltdown. And once you’re back home, let your bare skin breathe and soothe itself in the cocoon of your nighttime skincare routine. Finally, as the festivity winds down, slow down and let your body cool off.

With that being said, it’s time to bid you goodbye. We hope you have a colorful, energetic, and dance-tastic Navratri.

Until next time!

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