Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha Tea: Japanese Green Tea with Many Benefits

Imagine a toasty, warm, nutty flavor that takes the stress off and eases you into a relaxed state of mind. Your mind begins to feel calmer, and your body feels at home.

We're talking about Japan's loved tea – Genmaicha Tea, a green tea popular across generations! This exquisite tea is steeped in Japan's rich cultural heritage. As a result, it holds a special place for all green tea lovers worldwide.

Genmaicha Tea

"Okay, but what makes it so special?" If you are thinking about the same question, you are in the right place! Today, we will take you through the A to Z of Genmaicha Tea—from its flavor to brewing the perfect cup and more! So, stay with us till the end!

What Is Genmaicha Tea?

Genmaicha derives its name from the Japanese words "genmai" (brown rice) and "cha" (tea). It is a Japanese green tea that mixes roasted brown rice grains with premium green tea leaves.

japanese green tea

The journey of the premium Genmaicha Tea at ILEM JAPAN begins with careful cultivation. It is cultivated under single cover with 80% sun blockage for two main reasons:

  • To reduce the tea's astringency
  • To enhance its flavor

The process continues as the tea undergoes a shading period. This period enriches the tea's taste for the ultimate Umami taste—a pleasant, savory taste.

Not to forget the first harvest significance of the tea. The initial harvest boasts unmatched freshness and flavor. This results in a refined, refreshing taste unique to ILEM JAPAN's Genmaicha Tea.

How Does Genmaicha Taste Like?

Genmaicha tea welcomes you with a toasty fragrance. Brown rice added to Genmaicha tea mellows the astringency of green tea. It also reduces its caffeine levels.

The tea has a unique taste profile. It has a warm, nutty flavor, roasted aroma, and slight sweetness. This is complemented beautifully by a pale yellow color when brewed.

What Makes Genmaicha Tea The Choice of Many?

Genmaicha tea boasts a plethora of health benefits. Here's what it has for you!

Rich in Antioxidants

Genmaicha boasts a powerful blend of antioxidants, mainly catechins. These antioxidants combine with the goodness of brown rice compounds to combat free radicals, support cellular health, and potentially lower the risk of chronic ailments.

Nutrient-Rich Goodness

Brown rice contains essential nutrients like manganese, selenium, and amino acids. Manganese supports bone formation and reduces inflammation. Plus, it keeps the immune and reproductive systems running smoothly. Furthermore, selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system.

Genmaicha Tea Harvest

Also, amino acids help grow and repair body tissues and maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. When paired with green tea, this nutritional mix improves overall wellness, nurturing vitality from within.

Aids Digestion

The beautiful mix of green tea and roasted rice offers more than a delightful taste; it extends its support to your digestive system. This blend soothes the stomach and eases digestion, making it a comforting tea for digestive health.

Holistic Well-being

The health benefits of Genmaicha go beyond simple refreshment. Its potential support for weight management and cognitive function can help you lead a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Sustained Energy

Unlike the sudden energy rush of coffee, Genmaicha offers a mild caffeine boost that gently uplifts your energy levels. Thus keeping you alert and focused without the unpleasant side effects of caffeine jitters.

A Taste of Culture

Genmaicha traces its roots to medieval Japan, once cherished as a beverage favored by the common folk. Despite its humble beginnings, this tea continues to captivate modern palates with its distinctive taste and soothing nature.

Genmaicha remains a beloved choice, gracing tea ceremonies and significant gatherings. It symbolizes the essence of harmony, modesty, and purity. Thus, its presence in these moments reflects a timeless appreciation for simplicity.

Different Varieties of Genmaicha

There are a variety of Genmaicha teas available today. What makes them different is simple – what kind of leaves are added to toasted rice? We have spoken about the premium pure (regular) Genmaicha tea so far. Here's a look at some more blends!

Genmaicha Tea Types

  • Hojicha Genmaicha: Infused with the essence of Hojicha, this variation of Genmaicha features roasted green tea leaves. It has a nuttier and smoother taste.
  • Sencha Genmaicha: Sencha leaves, known for their vibrant green color and grassy flavor, form the base of this tea. The blend produces a refreshing cup with grassy tones and nutty undertones.
  • Gyokuro Genmaicha: Gyokuro is a premium shade-grown green tea renowned for its sweet and mellow flavor. Its addition to pure genmaicha offers a luxurious experience that marries the distinct sweetness of Gyokuro with the comforting richness of roasted rice.
  • Matcha Genmaicha: This tea combines matcha, finely powdered green tea renowned for its vibrant green hue, uniting the grassy notes of matcha with the toasty undertones of brown rice.

Brewing Techniques For Genmaicha

Brewing Genmaicha tea, or any Japanese green tea, is integral to its color and taste. Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Optimal water temperature - 70℃ or 158°F
  • Steeping time - 1 minute
  • Traditional Japanese teaware for Genmaicha - Porcelain teapot or an earthenware Kyusu

Prepare Genmaicha Tea from ILEM JAPAN in Under 3 Minutes!

Preparing ILEM JAPAN's Genmaicha Tea, the premium tea of all is simple and easy.

  • Measure: Add a tea bag to your favorite cup. Pour 230 ml of hot water (70℃).
  • Brew: Steep the tea for 1 minute.
  • Delight: Stir the perfectly brewed Genmaicha, gently remove the tea bag, and enjoy!

Remember, hotter temperatures reveal a more robust and refreshing flavor. So, maintain the water temperature and the steep time.

Serve Yourself Some Food, Too!

Genmaicha, with its versatile flavor profile, is a perfect companion to many food options.

For instance, a serving of sushi and tempura, where the earthy notes of Genmaicha complement the delicate flavors of seafood and the crispy texture of tempura batter. Or with unexpected but delicious grilled seafood and chocolate desserts.

Some other food options include the umami flavors of miso-glazed salmon, matcha cheesecake or matcha-infused cookies, risotto, and citrusy dishes like orange-glazed chicken or lemon-infused pasta.


Genmaicha Tea is your go-to choice for something earthy and nutty that calms you down instead of causing jitters. Its broad range of health benefits, including its support for the immune system, digestion, and weight management, is a blessing in disguise of a refreshing cup!

Genmaicha Tea Benefits

And the best part? You can brew it within 3 minutes for relaxation and rejuvenation that lasts hours! If you are wondering where to find the premium Genmaicha tea for your holistic lifestyle, shop with us at ILEM JAPAN!
We have our cup of Genmaicha tea ready for you. Are you ready to experience it?

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